17 On Page SEO Factors in 2017

17 On Page SEO Factors in 2017 – Get Hire Rank in Search Engine

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17 On Page SEO Factors in 2017 – A technique To Write High Quality Content

If you’re looking for On Page SEO Factors to get higher rank in search engine, than you are on right spot. Today, I’ll show you how to write post that will rank.  See this infographic get better idea about On Page SEO Factors .


On Page SEO Factors

 17 On Page SEO Factors in 2017 To Get Higher Rank

  1. Start Page/ Post Title with Focus Keyword:

    First of all you must start your post/page title tag with your focus keyword. We know that title tag has a is a most important factor in on page SEO factor. Writing a keyword in beginning of the title tag, more weight it has with the search engines.

  2. Make a short and Optimized URL:

    When  writing a post Avoid ugly URLs. Make your page’s URL short and  full with focus keyword.
    [alert-note]Tip: Shorter URL rank higher on Google and other search engines.[/alert-note]

  3. Write A Unique Title:

    Make your title tag unique by Adding modifiers such as  “review,” , “2016,”and “best” I will help you rank for  your target keywords.

  4. Use <H1> Heading Tag :

    <H1> makes your posts. page more attractive. Most web development platforms such as WordPress  and blogger has the builtin feature of heading.

  5.  Add Multimedia In Post:

    Now it is a very important to Add a engaging Infographic, images and videos. It will help you to reduces the bounce rate & the visitor stay time  on site.

  6. Use <H2> Subheadings

     Include your target keyword in <H2> subheading, It will give the clear vision to the visitor and search engine.

  7.  Drop your Keyword in First Paragraph Or In 100 Words:

  8. Your keyword should be found in the first Paragraph or in  100 words of your article.
  9. Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

    We know that after the January  10 2017, sites that are not mobile friendly not rank as highly. So make sure you site is mobile friendly. Is you site  mobile friendly? Click Here To Check.

  10. Use Outbound Links:

    Place related outbound links to your post because it is a relevancy signal that helps to bring your page in Google.

  11. Internal Linking :

    It is an other On Page SEO Factors,  You should Add 1-2 internal links to every post.

  12. Website Speed:

    It is most important On Page SEO Factors because now Google has stated that the page speed will be used as ranking signal. Because if your site take long time to open user will left the site.

  13. Image Optimization Via ALT Tag:

    An other On Page SEO Factors you must Include your focus keyword in the image alt tag.

  14. Use Social Sharing Buttons:

    Social Sharing Buttons may not play a direct role in your website ranking. But social shares generate more visitor on your content. Here is a Social sharing sites list.

  15. Post Long Content

    In SEO, Article length play major role in content ranking. So write long and high quality content to get higher rank in Google.

  16. Boost Bounce Rate:

    publish high quality and interesting post because, If someone close your site immediately after landing on your page, it is a sign of low-quality content. If your site bounce rate increased, It is not good sign for your site ranking .

  17. Put Lot of Content About you Keywords:

    Wire lot of post about your keywords and link them to your focus page. This is best way to rank higher.

  18. on page seo Factors in 2017

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