14 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

14 Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Computer Or Laptop Slow? Now Solved.

Is your computer or Laptop slow? and you are going to change, please read this article before you spend hundreds or  thousands on a new computer. I will show you the 9 easiest ways to avoid a costly new Laptop or computer. Make your old computer run faster.

Here Are 14 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

  1. Remove/ Uninstall Unwanted Programs

    First of all, uninstall the unwanted programs from your computer. Some time we install programs for one time use or testing purpose only. So, remove these type of unwanted programs from your Laptop or computer. Before uninstall make a list of unwanted programs and then uninstall them. By removing unwanted programs from computer, you will get 20-30% system improvement. To Make Your Computer Run Faster uninstall all unwanted programs.ninstall Unwanted Programs-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  2. Update Software

    Out of data, software may cause of slower computer. Regularly check for software update, such as antivirus, google chrome, Skype and other software installed in your computer. If your computer has an out of date software, update them to make your computer faster.
    Update Software-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  3. Update Windows

    Regularly check for windows update. Set the windows update option as “install updates automatically” It will resolve general windows issues and bugs.Update Windows-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  4. Update Your Computer Drivers

    It is another cause of slower speed PC. Check for update driver and if out of date, update them to increase your PC speed.
    How To Update PC Drivers?
    1) Go to My computer or “This PC” properties.
    2) Click on Device Manager.
    3) Now right click on the driver you want to update.
    Update Your Computer Drivers-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  5. Check Viruses & Malware

    I recommend you Install antivirus on your computer and check for viruses & malware. Virus & malware cause of  a sower PC. So, scan your computer with antivirus. If Virus or malware found, remove them from your computer.Check Viruses & Malware-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  6. Run Disk Clean Up

    Remove temporary & unwanted files on your Windows disks. It will reduce the access time for the system to make computer faster. To run disk clean up, right click on each disk you want to clean, then go to properties & click on Disk Cleanup button. After that, new a screen will open. Now you can select file types to delete & start clean up.Run Disk Clean Up

  7. Maximum Performance Power Plan (Suitable on Laptops).

    This method is suitable for laptops. If you don’t run the laptop on battery most of the time, then you need to change the power plan to maximum performance. You can also do this on your PC / computer. To complete this task, go to
    Control Panel->Power Options-> High Performance plan and then click on OK button.Maximum Performance Power Plan-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  8. Clear Your Web Browser Cache, Cookies, History And Unwanted Toolbar

    Long time use of  web browsers without cleaning browser cache, cookies unwanted toolbar & history cause of slower computer.  To clean your web browser history, cache and cookies. Go to setting of the browser and select history, cache and cookies and click on clear.Clear Your Web Browser-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  9. Clean Up Desktop Icons

    The Large number of icon or files on the desktop is another cause of slower PC. To make your computer run faster you need to reduce the number of files or icons on the desktop.Clean Up Desktop Icons-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  10. Limit The Number Of Start-Up Programs

    If you have a big list of programs on start-up, It is another cause of slower computer. To Make Your Computer run faster, reduces the list of startup programs.
    Right click on the task bar and then click on Task Manager
    Go to startup tab and then disable all unwanted software.Limit The Number Of Start-Up Programs-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  11. Compatibility Of Program

    Install the program which is competitive with  your PC hardware. Do not install a program that not to fit your PC hardware. Incompatibility is another cause of a slow PC.Compatibility Of Program

  12. Double Protection Software

    When you install third party antivirus software on your computer such as Avast,  AVG, Norton, McAfee and other. Then disable the Microsoft windows defender. They do the same job. If you install two antivirus on one PC, It will slow down your PC.Double Protection Software-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  13. Clean Dust From Computer Hardware

    Open your computer and clean your dirty computer with compressed air. I recommend cleaning your PC every 4 to 6 months.Clean Dust From Computer Hardware-Make Your Computer Run Faster

  14. Upgrade Hardware (RAM)

    If your computer use more than 75% RAM, You need to upgrade RAM. So  add more RAM into your computer.Upgrade Hardware (RAM)-Make Your Computer Run Faster


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