How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently On desktop, iOS  And Android

In this article I will tell you How To Delete Twitter Account. In Twitter, your messages are available to almost everyone. Anyone can search and view your messages even without logging into their Twitter accounts.

In addition, Twitter is one of the least friendly social networks. You can only publish tweets containing up to 140 characters. In addition, you can not avoid the fact that thousands of tweets will appear on your way while you watch the news feed on Twitter.

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Not surprisingly, some users are stunned by the huge amount of content that goes daily. If you are interested in improving privacy on the Internet and want to relax a bit, always saying goodbye to Twitter, this guide is for you.


Please note that once you delete your Twitter account, you will not be able to recover it. So, think twice before continuing.

How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently On desktop, iOS  And Android


  1. How To Delete Twitter Account on your desktop:

    1. Log in to your account on the Twitter website.
    2. Now Click the Settings and Privacy in the drop-down menu below the profile icon.
    3. In the “Account” section of the menu just click  on “Deactivate your account“.
    4. Click Deactivate
    5. Enter the password when prompted and click Deactivate account.
  2. How To Delete Twitter Account on Android:

    1. Tap on your profile icon or hamburger menu (depending on your version of the application) at the top of the screen.
    2. Enter the settings and privacy menu and click “Account“.
    3. Now tap the button Deactivate your account
    4. Tap Deactivate
    5. Enter the password when prompted and click “Deactivate”.
    6. Finally, Tap Yes, deactivate
  3. How To Delete Twitter Account on iOS:

    1. First, tap on your profile icon at the top of the screen.
    2. Select Settings & privacy and click “Account“.
    3. Tap Deactivate your account.
    4. Then tap “Deactivate” and enter the password when prompted.
    5. Finally, Tap “Deactivate” and follow this example by pressing “Yes”, deactivate.
  4. How To Delete Twitter Permanently:

    When you deactivate your Twitter account, Twitter will save all of your user data for a 30-day period. Once this is over, Twitter will begin to clean up your data from your systems, when this is done, your Twitter account will be lost forever.

    However, if you log in to your account before the 30-day grace period ends, you will automatically activate your account. To permanently delete it, you need to restart the process.

    It’s important to note that if you just want to change your username or email address, you do not need to delete your account. You can make these changes very easily in your account settings.

    Twitter also indicates that although deactivation of the account occurs almost immediately, some of the materials from your account can be accessed on the website for several days.

    In addition, Twitter does not control third-party websites, such as Google or Bing, – cache content for faster downloads. This means that content from your Twitter profile can remain available elsewhere on the Internet. Finally, you learn how to delete Twitter account.


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