Best App Sender Applications Download Here! [Latest] 2019

If you looking for app sender application. Your research going to end, because now xehelp going to share a great app name “Bluetooth App Sender”. It is a best way to share your application using your Android device’s Bluetooth. Us this app to send anywhere app.

It is a very easy process, just turn ON your bluetooth. Connect and send the app. So, it is a best application to move your favorite application to one place to another. There are too may app in the market, but we choose best 3 apps. We are going to share a top 3 app sender application with you. All application are very small. And all has a very simple user interface. It is only for you. All things you need at one place.

Best App Sender Applications Download Here! [Latest] 2019

You can send your all types on application using this app. Not that: All apps has there own features, so depends on your choose. Below we listed some application you can read features and download your favorite app.

Here are the best app sender Application for your Android

  • Apk Share Bluetooth – Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage Bluetooth App Sender
  • Bluetooth App-Sender
  • App Sender
  • Bluetooth App Sender APK Share

Apk Share Bluetooth – Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage Bluetooth App Sender | Send anywhere app

It is a best app to ShareBackup, Uninstall ,  & Manage. By using this app you can easily send apk via fast process. You can do the following with this app.

  • Whatsapp
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • NFC and etc.

One click install and uninstall. By uing this app you can find uninstalled application on single click. But here is a point you should need to note that, you need a root permission you do this job. Also, you can use this app to make a bulk apk back to your mobile SD card. Finally, manage your storage on one click.

Apk Share Bluetooth / App Sender Main Features:

  • Now you can transfer applications via email, bluetooth, Facebook, Whatsapp, and etc.
  • This is a best and easy way to uninstall multiple applications on single click.
  • Keep your application on your finger tips, save your backup to SD card.
  • Copy multiple app Link on your clipboard.
  • Keep eyes on install and uninstall apk list.
  • Short list by name, size and installation date.
  • Also available on google Play Store.
  • Open you selected app.
  • Check your install apps system information.
  • Very impressive interface.
  • This app sender application has there own search bar.

Download Link: Click here To Download

Bluetooth App Sender

This is an other App Sender application. You can download it here and use It for free. Now you can share your application with everyone just on single click. We know that this is a best Bluetooth App Sender. You can use this as you can.

Download Link: [Download Now Here]

App Sender [Another Application]

App Sender is a simple & very smart application. That can used to send & share your applications from your mobile phone. You can also see details of the applications.

By the App Conductor you can:

  • View all applications installed on a list with details of all applications in a simple way.
  • Share any request from your phone to another phone in more than one way, you can use Bluetooth, email or any shipping mode that is compatible with your device.
  • See details of any installed application, such as the permission to have this application on your system.
  • With the Application Sender you can see the amount of the application you are going to share.

Download Link: [Download Now]

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