A New Update Is Available Bug In iOS 12

How To Fix The ‘A New Update Is Available’ Bug In iOS 12 Public Beta

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“A New Update Is Available” Bug In iOS 12 Public Beta Version Fix Now

If you grind your teeth every time you unlock your iPhone since the release of iOS 12 Public Beta 9 on Monday, you’re not alone. This is due to the fact that over the last 24 hours iOS 12 started showing a pop-up notification that a “A New Update Is Available” every time you open your device.

A New Update Is Available Bug In iOS 12The OS that Cried Wolf

The notice is easy to clean, but his frequency quickly pushed him from “minor annoyance” to “great pain.” The error actually was around with public beta 8, but then you can see it once a day, if at all.

Being as baked in iOS as is, there is no way to turn off the notification. However, you can outsmart him so that he dodges.

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Back to the Future!

In the “Settings” section, select “General“> “Date and time“. Automatically turn off. Then, in the Time Zone, manually set the date to something before August 27th.

This, of course, will be useless with applications that rely on the system date. Here is a summary of what you need to check / expect:

  1. Calendar: – any notifications that you fired last week? They will return.
  2. Clock: If you have an alarm schedule configured for weekends / weekdays, you will need to set the date back far enough so that you are still on the same day of the week so as not to spoil them.
  3. Health / Activity: Did not make your goal any day in a couple of weeks? Now you can add to them. Lucky you.

When will this be fixed?

I already expected iOS 12 Public Beta 10 to fall in about 24-48 hours. The fact that there is a permanent error similar to this affecting all beta users raises the expected expectation.

Apple will want it to removed as soon as they can (if only because they can stop the flow of complaints about feedback). Expect to taken care of in the next beta release, sometime before Labor Day.

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