List of Top Fee Best Blog Sites

List of Top Fee Best Blog Sites -Choose Your Platform

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If you are new to blogging and short of cash? don’t worry  here are the best blog sites list. Just choose your blogging platforms and start your blogging from today. Best blog sites for your weblog.  You can create blogging template websites, funny picture and video blog, Music Weblog,  Your own photo gallery site, fashion site blogging, blog on new technology, own small business blog and etc.  If you are going to start your blogging journey, I suggest you to start with free blog sites.  There are many reasons why you want to first try your hands on free blog sites. Below are some purposes of using fee best blog sites.

The Purpose Of Using Fee Best Blog Sites:

  • Making Money From Blogs
    Making money from free blogs is not a spam or fake stuff. It is a  good idea, to use free blogging sites to make a money  and start own domain. If your purpose is to earn money then you are on the right spot. But to earn money from best blog sites you need to put some hard work.
  • Sharing Knowledge
    You can use these platforms to share knowledge around the world. Best free blog sites are places to share your Knowledge with your family, friends, and over all the words. Choose your suitable platform and sign up to start sharing.
  • New To blogging /Website
    If you are new in the blogging world, then free blogging platforms are best to learn some new tips and tracks. I suggest you to first try some free best blog sites and then buy your own domain.
  • Small Business or Product Marketing
    You can also use these platforms to market your small product and business. It is a good and free method to market your product.

Here Are Best Blog Sites List By PR And Alexa Rank.



    WordPress is a best platform to create a new blog entirely for free and just on single-click install. Use your custom theme and much more. It has a best feature, if in the future you wish to convert your free blog from WordPress to your own hosting. It is best blog site with 100 DA.

    Best Blog Sites- Site No 1.
    Best Blog



    Blogger is another good platform, If your purpose is making money. It is google own platform and you can money with Google Adsense by putting your hard work on it. It will allow you to customize your own template. is a one of the best site form best blog sites list. It has a very easy Interface.

    Best Blog Sites- Site No 2.
    Best Blog Sites-



    Tumblr is a best social blogging website such as Facebook and Twitter . It is one of the best & fastest glowing blogging sites on the internet. And also It has a strong power like a twitter and Facebook. Tumblr is a mobile friendly blogging platform via own smartphone apps for android and iOS.\

    Best Blog Sites- Site No 3.
    Best Blog Sites-



    Medium is another online platform found by Twitter founder Evan Williams. This is a platform for the normal person, because it does not require coding knowledge. Medium is a best place to share your ideas and thoughts with a sea of peoples. It is a best blogging site unlike other best blog sites.Best Blog Sites- Site No 4.


    Webs has easy browser-based interface. It will make your business blog very easy to build and also  good-looking. customized your blog from your web browser interface. If you are looking for an easy solution for your business, then it is for you.Best Blog Sites- Site No 5.

  6. LiveJournal.Com

    LiveJournal is a best blogging platform unlike other, but it has two versions, one free and second paid. If you want to ads free blogging, then you need to upgrade your blog to paid version. Paid version has a lot of features such as commenting calendars, polls and multiple author option.Best Blog Sites- Site No 6.


    Own-free-website is another blogging platform with both version free and paid. Make your free website with  a lot of template and customization.Best Blog Sites- Site No 7.


    Pen is a best and fastest way to create a blog, just write your blog address, password and enter CAPTCHA and start posting. It is a fully free blogging platform. Dragged you photo, use tag, and also create multi page and much more.Best Blog Sites- Site No 8.


    Create your free blog just in 2 Minutes, and start writing blog posts, share photos, chat with friends and receive feedback. It is a completely free platform.Best Blog Sites- Site No 9


    Yola is also a good platform with marketing tools. Free account will give you 3 pages and  1 GB bandwidth, 1 GB storage and Yola subdomain. Also you can upgrade your blog to bronze, silver and gold.

    Best Blog Sites- Site No 10.
    Best Blog Sites-

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