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9 Best Download Manager On The Internet For Windows

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I think without download manager a PC/computer is incomplete, downloading file from different websites, download manage is a best and high-speed way. When we download files through internet browser it is a very slow speed and full with many hurdles. But on the other side, best download manager software is a full with best and latest features such as:

  • High speed downloading.
  • Manage multiple downloads.
  • Pass and resume.
  • Automatic antivirus checking
  • Advanced browser integration.

So, different web browser has a different features, I suggest you to choose your best download manager by browser integration. Below is a list of top 11 download manager by their feature and popularity.

List Of Top 10 Best Download Manager By Their Popularity


[alert-warning]Disclaimer: Above given best download manager list is mention by their monthly search on their name in google, August 2016. [/alert-warning]

1.     Internet Download Manager (IDM)Best Download Manager

The short name of Internet Download Manager is IDM. IDM is a top of the list in best download manager, and also full with features that should have in best download manager. There are many best features in IDM but I like Grabber and Speed limit. Internet Download Manager comes with two version first is the 1 month trial version and second is the premium version for life time.

Features of IDM

  • All popular applications and browsers are supported.
  • Single click downloading
  • Best video grabber.
  • Automatic check for virus.
  • IDM has a feature of web site spider & grabber.
  •  IDM supported multilingual.
  • Built-in Scheduler.
  • Download resume and limits function.
  •  Proxy servers supported.
  • IDM comes with advanced browser integration system.
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2.    JDownloaderBest Download Manager

The short name of JDownloader is JD. JD is a second download manager in the list of best download manger mention by XeHelp. It is another free and open source downloading tool with many features, and it’s available for multiple platform such as Windows, Mac and Linux. In JDownloader you can schedule your downloading files and save bandwidth on the limited internet device.


Features of JDownloader

  • Multiple platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • You can Runs JDownloader on Java 1.5 or higher.
  • JDownloader is a complete Open-Source (GPL).
  • 24/24-hour support.
  • Download multiple files at once.
  • Comes with multilingual.
  • JDownloader has an own powerful OCR module.
  • Automatic shutdown after downloading.
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3.    Free Download Manager (FDM)Best Download Manager

The short name of free download manager is FDM. FDM is number 3rd download manager in the list of XeHelp best download manager list. Free Download Manager is another best download manager aims to be all things that you need in downloading tools. FDM is a download accelerator for audio, video and a BitTorrent client. In addition, it’s an open source completely free from adverts.

Features of FDM

  • The best feature of FDM is BitTorrent supported you can download files via BitTorrent protocol.
  • Audio and video files downloading.
  • FDM splits the files into several sections to increase downloading speed.
  • Resuming the broken downloading links.
  • Free Download Manager distributed under GPL license.
  • Competitive with Windows 7+ & Mac OS X 10.9+.
  • Remote Control System.
  • Best HTML Spider.
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4.   Orbit DownloaderBest Download Manager

Orbit Downloader is number 4th in best download manger list. It’s a really good download manager in the behalf of   video, music and all other files from social media sites and other popular websites. In short, Orbit Downloader is a powerful tool for Windows PCs and by the way it’s a free tool.

Features of Orbit Downloader

  • Download HTML5 video from Youtube.
  • Easy to download files with Orbit Downloader.
  • Best download manager for Windows 7.
  • It has a Grab Pro feature.
  • Best download manager to download e-mail & forum attachments.
  • Maximum downloading speed.
  • A good Download Manager to download  media protocol such as  RTMP/RTSP/MMS.
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5.    FlashGet.Best Download Manager

FlashGet Downloader number 5th download manager in the list of best download manager. This download manager is a best tool to downloads files into your computer with safer, faster and clean method.  It is another high speed downloader by up to 7-10 times.

Features of Orbit FlashGet

  • FlashGet increase the downloading speed & stability.
  • Support FTP, BT, HTTP, eMule & many other protocols.
  • It has a powerful files management feature (PFM).
  • Best feature is it call anti-virus automatically.
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6.   DownThemAllBest Download Manager

Not a standalone download manager DownThemAll but an extension for Mozilla Firefox, bringing you on advanced download management system features. It is a number 6th downloading tool in the list of best download manger on XeHelp website. This is a best download manager for Mozilla Firefox because it will gives you maximum results what you want.

Features of DownThemAll

  • With the feature of pause & resume your download in case a file already exists in the list of download.
  • Also you can customize time-out interval in DownThemAll.
  • With DownThemAll you can increase your download speed up to 400%.
  • Filtering and Advanced auto-renaming options.
  • Fully integration with Mozilla Firefox web browser.
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7.    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)Best Download Manager

Short name of Download Accelerator Plus is DAP and it is a number 7 in the list of best download manage on XeHelp. DAP gives you high speed acceleration during file downloading. In addition, it is a smoother, faster and safer downloading tool.

Features of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

  • It is a best feature preview the videos while downloading files.
  • Like other best download manager continue and paused downloads during downloading.
  • No More Broken Downloads.
  • Convert your videos to any format after downloading.
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8.   Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)Best Download Manager

IDA is a short name of Internet Download Accelerator, It is also another best download manager to download you files into your computer. It will increase your downloading speed and save your time. In addition, in this download manager you can resume your broken downloads, pause restart and stop on single click.

Features of Internet Download Accelerator (IDA).

  • Fast update.
  • It is a user user-friendly and easily customizable.
  • Support for plug-ins.
  • Support different skins.
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9.   Download NinjaBest Download Manager

This is another best download manager to download your files into computer. Download Ninja is a great tool with google chrome extension. Ninja has many features like other best download manager such as speed limiting, download queuing, shredding files and multiple languages.

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