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How To Right Click On A Mac

If you just switched to the Mac, you can be a bit confused by How to right click on a mac trackpad work. The Mac is not cool with a mouse or trackpad that has a clear right-click. But that does not mean you can not right-click on the Mac. Regardless of whether you use

How To Update Chrome Browser On PC & Mac

This guide will help you “how to update chrome browser on mac“. Chrome automatically updates itself Finally, The Google Chrome web browser is the first web browser to automatically update. This was a bit of a revolution, because before that it was the user’s responsibility to update his web browser. Due to, this usually means that

How To Uninstall Apps On Windows 8

If you are new to Windows 8, I suspect that you find certain things confusing. If you are wondering how to uninstall apps on Windows 8, you are in the right place. This guide explains how to uninstall applications downloaded from the Windows store. So, read below to get started. This article contains instructions for uninstall

How To Uninstall Apps on Windows 10

Uninstalling unwanted Application is one of the most common & important tasks that all PC users perform. However, if you are new to Windows 10, you may not know “how to uninstall apps on windows 10“. Old-school programs and functions and control-panel menus in which Windows 7 and XP users still exist. But will not