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Check Website Traffic Stats Via 7 Different Online Web Tools

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Check Website Traffic StatsHere is a tip for beginner about how to check website traffic stats. You create a website it is a cool, but now you need to check website traffic, daily visitors, page views, bonus rate and other all information about your website stats. Analytics websites will help you to determine your website traffic to estimate your earning. Here is a list of top website Analytics sites. Every analytics website has a their own unique traffic tracking system. So, chose your compatible analytics and check website traffic stats to determine your website ranking.

Check Website Traffic By Using these sites

7.      ShinystatCheck Website Traffic

It is another free web-counter to check website traffic. Here a list of some features of this system.

  • Traffic Reports
  • Miscellaneous Reports
  • Last visits
  • System Reports
  • Referrers
  • Conversions
  • Export to PDF format and other
  • Benchmarking
  • Technical Support

How it works?

Just sign up and chose your plane/version and insert you tracking code into your site.

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6.    PiwikCheck Website Traffic

Piwik is another best tracking tool to check website traffic. It is the leading open-source analytics platform.  Piwik  gives a  powerful analytics such as Free open-source software,

User privacy protection, Customisable and extensible, User-centric insights and 100% data ownership.

Piwik Features :

  • Real time data updates.
  • Content Tracking.
  • Track traffic from search engines.
  • All Websites Dashboard.
  • Analytics for e-commerce.
  • Customizable Dashboard.
  • Pages Transitions
  • Site speed & pages speed reports

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5.     ClickyCheck Website Traffic

Clicky Web Analytics is another free and paid online web- Analytics to check website traffic. It is simply and best way to monitor your blog or web site’s traffic in real time to analyze. This is a best tracking system for eCommerce sites.

Clicky Features 

  • Analytics API
  • Unique visitors calculation
  • Twitter analytics
  • Time on site
  • Recent / Newest unique
  • Visitor filtering

  • Outbound links
  • On-site analytics widget

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4.     whos.amung.usCheck Website Traffic

The is an other unique tacking system to check website traffic . will give you really cool and best widgets for your website or blog – free! No registration required. Just claim your site and copy and past tracking code int your site to get started.

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3.     StatCounterCheck Website Traffic

It is a free and reliable invisible web tracker system. So, it is a highly configurable hit counter & real-time visitor counter with full detail web stats.

Why chose statCounter?

  • Keyword Analysis.
  • Recent Visitor Activity.
  • Magnify User.
  • ISP Stats.
  • Recent Visitor Google Map.
  • Popular Pages.
  • Recent Keyword Activity.
  • Advance tracking such as Browser Stats, O.S. Stats, HTTPS Tracking, Returning Visits
  • Resolution Stats.
  • JavaScript Stats.
  • Email Reports.
  • Search Engine Wars.

How it works?

StatCounter has a Demo and paid account, Create Account add project and Insert Snippet.


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2.     HistatsCheck Website Traffic

Histats is a second most popular online website traffic tracking system to check website traffic.  It will allow you to checck your website

  • Track more than 1.500.000.0000 hits monthly
  • Complete Real time statistics
  • Recent visits
  • Most active visitors
  • Popular pages
  • Popular referrer
  • Geolocation such as Languages, Hardware info, Browser and Toolbar.
  • Visited By urls,
  • Visited page title
  • Downloads Reports

How it works?

Sign up with your email address and claim your site. Now just copy and past tracking into your site.


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1.      Google AnalyticsCheck Website Traffic

This is a best analytics tool. Google analytics is a no one traffic tracking system tool, with this tool you can check your website traffic stats such as ,

  • Real-Time Reporting.
  • Browser / OS, Custom Dimensions.
  • Flow Visualization.
  • Map Overlay .
  • Mobile Traffic.
  • Social Reports.
  • Traffic Sources.
  • Site Search.
  • Site-Speed analysis.

How it works?

Just signup with google account and add property/website and past tracking ID or script into your website header / footer.


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Google analytics is a best tool to check website traffic.  So, I recommend you to use google analytic to get good result. On the other side, you can chose your best platform. Good luck and keep your eyes on XeHelp. XeHel is a best website for latest tips.

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