Disable Your Laptop Touchpad on Windows 10

How to Disable Touchpad On Windows 10 – Hp, Dell, Asus And Lenovo Laptop

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In this tutorial will teach you how to Disable Touchpad On Windows 10 – Hp, Dell, Asus And Lenovo Laptop? So, stick to this and enjoy a messy letter.

There are several ways how you can disable your touchpad. Some laptops can have special equipment, for example. button to turn on / off the Windows 10 touch panel. Look at the edges to see if your laptop has it.

Another way is a key combination, check the keyboard for any signs to disable the touch panels. 10. If you do not find them, check out these three ways to disable the touchpad on windows 10.

3 Ways To Disable Touchpad Windows 10

  1. Synaptic/Mouse Properties:

    Go to the lower right of the screen and find the icon, as shown in the image. Double-click the icon, and you will find the disconnect button. Press to turn off the touch panel 10.
    Laptop Touchpad

  2. Via Control Panel:

    Go to the control panel> Muse> Additional moue Options> Device settings. Here you will see the disconnect button. When you click on it, the Windows 10 touch panel will be disabled.
    Disable Your Laptop Touchpad on Windows 10

  3. From Device Manager:

    Type Device Manager in the Search / Start, Go To, and Expand Mice and Other Pointing Devices sections, right-click and select Disable.
    From Device Manager:

    Before disconnecting the touch panels windows 10, make sure that you have another input device, or you know how to properly operate the screen from the keyboard.

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