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Recorded information of vesitor

The server of xehelp automatically identifies only the domain of each visitor that visit Xehelp web page. To improve the website and interaction of visitor, xehelp use Google analytic to get visitor’s information that only helps to understand how a person visiting xehelp. This is important to realize that Xehelp only identifies the domain, other personal information, and email addresses can not by recognized by Xehelp.

Chat And Forum Statement

Under some security reasons, Xehelp collects Mibbit log, IP addresses and system information of all those visitors that want to participate in Xehelp forums and chat. Those users who behave badly will be warned in the initial stages. If someone continues its behavior in an offensive way after getting a warning, Xehelp has a freedom to permanently banned the visitor to use the services of Xehelp.

In case users want to hide their email that is displayed in a Xehelp forum, they can change their setting in user profile section. But the suggestion of Xehelp to the users is to use default settings.

Forum of Xehelp can get advantages of cookie files to remember login information of a user.

Security statement

During the use of Xehelp services, you must agree that the internet is not a secure medium of communication. For this reason, the user information and communications with Xehelp can not be protected.