DNS Unlocker – Virus Removal Guideline

DNS Unlocker – Virus Removal Guideline [ 4 Tested Ways ]

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DNS Unlocker can get into your PC bundled with other software downloads or e-mail. Selecting the default boot process is an open invitation to this virus. You must select an arbitrary installation, especially when downloading third-party software or torrents.

What is DNS Unlocker?

In simple words, the purpose of this advertising program is to promote the site and, in the main, install certain software through advertising, which can appear as pop-up windows. Ads from DNS Unlocker can also consume the first few results from your search engine, since they take up space in web browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc.).

Is DNS-Unlocker safe?

The ads displayed in DNS Unlocker are very contagious, while they monitor and track your search queries, which also pose a security threat. The PC may slow down along with other system errors. DNS servers are the main reasons that control all this and remove the Unlocker DNS virus, following this guide.

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How to remove DNS Unlocker?

  1. Uninstall DNS Unlocker from Control Panel

    This process is almost the same in all operating systems (Windows 7/8/10 or MacOS). DNSUnlocker is present in the control panel> Programs and components> Delete program. You can find “DNS Unlocker version 1.3” or something similar, click and press the delete button. After that you may need to reboot.
    DNS Unlocker – Virus Removal Guideline

  2. Removing DNS Unlocker ads from a Web browser:

    Removing DNS Unlocker from Internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) is also a simple process. All you need is to get to the extensions, and when you reach there, you must disable and remove the extension that causes the problem.Double check by going to your program files, usually on your C drive, and find the remote extension. If you find it, uninstall it or go to the control panel to remove DNSUnlocker.

    After that, reset your browser according to your default settings.

  3. Reset Your DNS settings:

    As mentioned earlier and suggested by name, DNSUnlocker plays with the DNS settings of your PC. You can perform a reset by selecting “Change adapter settings” before clicking:

    Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.
    Go to the properties of your current / active Internet connection by clicking the left mouse button on it.
    Click the Network tab. Go to Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4).
    Navigate to the properties and click both presented options, which will automatically receive the IP address along with the DNS server address.
    Reset Your DNS settings

  4. DNS Unlocker Removal Tools:

    There are several tools that can help you in this case. Or double-check the removal of Unlocker DNS or completely delete it using these programs. Good names that have been tested are also Hitman PRO and SpyHunter or Nod32 key Eset Internet Security 11. Download any of them to remove ads using DNS Unlocker.

    These software tools scan your computer, detect any potential threats and delete them on your team. Other examples:

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