“Err_Connection_Closed” Error Now Fixed in Chrome

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Received An Error “Err_Connection_Closed” ?

Some time Google Chrome  shows error  “Err_Connection_Closed” whenever an issue arises with your net connection or miss configuration of your network devices. If google chrome prompt you with an error   “Err_Connection_Closed” you don’t  need to worry about this, it can be easily fixed in most cases.

Here Are 3 Different Fixes To Resolve Err_Connection_Closed

Fix 1:- Via Command Lines

In this method I will show you how to fix this error by run couple of commands in commands prompt. First of all, Press ‘Windows Key + R. Now RUN Box will open, then type cmd in the Run box & hit Enter. Type in the following command in CMD, and hit Enter and then restart your computer.

[alert-announce]netsh winsock reset[/alert-announce]

After restating your PC, If it doesn’t fix  then again you need to type the following command lines one by one and hit Enter after each commands of them and restart your computer again.


ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns


Hope you will solve your problem with above given method, if doesn’t try below given method.

Fix 2:- By Clearing Browser Cache

It is another  method to resolve “Err_Connection_Closed” google chrome error. In this method you need to clear your google chrome cache memory. As a result, Here is a step by step guidelines to clear Google chrome cache.

Go to HistoryClear Browsing Data ↵

Now new box will appear, check the following boxes and click on Clear Browsing Data button.

  1. Cookies and Plugin Data
  2. Cached Images and Files


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Fix 3:- By Assigning DNS Address Manually

Try this method, if above fixes not work for you. It is an another method to resolve the error Err_Connection_Closed. It is a time to change your DNS address manually.

Here is a method to change your DNS address manually.

  1. First of all, right click on your Network icon located in  right corner of your computer task bar.
    Err_Connection_Closed .
  2. Now click on “Open Network and Sharing Center“.
    Err_Connection_Closed .
  3. After that click on “Local Area Connection” and then click on “Properties“.
  4. Now new Windows will open, select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and  click on “Properties” button.
  5. In this new window select the radio button Θ “Use the following DNS server addresses  And type:
    Preferred DNS Server:
    Alternate DNS Server:
    After tying the above DNS Server tick the box Validate settings upon exit” and  click on “OK” button.

I hope one of  them solve your problem, if you have any other issue with the Err_Connection_Closed please leave the comment. I’ll try to resolve your problem.



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