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5 Blogging Platforms to Create Free Blog Sites

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Perhaps you have plans to start working with the free blog sites to provide information related to your business.  Share general or personal ideas about anything with your readers, but you do not have the means to pay for a paid platform for blogging. Let your fears be relaxed, because there are several platforms for blogging that you can use to create and manage your blog without paying a penny.

This article will show you the features, pros and cons of the top 5 blogs that you can use to create free blog sites.

  1. Blogspot

    Blogspot - Free Blog SitesBlogspot is known as the Google blogging service Blogger, which is the largest and most popular blogging platform along with WordPress. Based on its main functions, Blogspot is one of the best platforms you can count on when you want to create a personal free blog sites.

    This free blogging platform is easy to use; so for a start you do not need technical know-how. All you need is available on this platform, so you can get started as soon as you want. This is a comprehensive package that allows you to customize your free blog sites and make various changes to JavaScript, PHP, slideshows, etc. However, if you want to monetize your free blog sites, you will have to pay for other platforms such as Amazon and Google AdSense

    You completely control the layout, content and design of your free blog sites However, content management is controlled by Blogspot, as the platform manages your content. In fact, Google has access to your account and can close your free blog sites or restrict access to it if you violate any of their terms and conditions knowingly or unconsciously.


    1. Free
    2. Ease of Management
    3. Running your blog and publishing content is quick and easy. You can start publishing your content in just 10 minutes.
    4. Google automatically indexes your post
    5. The platform automatically supports the content of your free blog sites.
    6. Several customizable templates for use
    7. Storage restrictions for your content
    8. You can import templates from third-party developers
    9. You can add new administrators and authors
    10. Security is carried out by experienced Google professionals
    11. You can get a free domain name matching if you have a domain name


    1. Link structure in free blog sites posts can not be configured
    2. Can not access FTP
    3. No function updates, so you are stuck with the default functions
    4. Technically, the blog belongs to Google; so it can be turned off at any time.
    5. Perhaps you need to purchase themes from third-party developers, because by default they are not beautiful
  2. WordPress

    WordPress- Free Blog SitesWordPress is a free open source blogging platform that offers endless options for bloggers. It does not belong to any company or person, so once you get the software with, you are the rightful owner of the free blog sites As an independent platform for blogging, monetizing your blog on the WordPress platform is simple.

    This free blogging platform is more suitable for a professional or personal blog, because you can customize it according to your specific taste and needs. You can also integrate SEO plug-ins into a blog; thereby making it more SEO-oriented and reaching more readers. Although setting up and running a free blog sites in WordPress requires some form of technical support, you can get support from a rich and reliable WordPress community to make it easier for you to access and use the platform. In addition, you can access various videos online to learn about using WordPress or hire any WordPress experts to do the work for you.


    1. Free
    2. Linking your free blog sites to social networking platforms is easy
    3. Easy to monetize
    4. Ownership and control of free blog sitess is great
    5. Thousands of extensions available
    6. You can add new editors, administrators, authors and authors
    7. Themes and functions can upgraded at relatively affordable prices
    8. Access to a large WordPress community for support


    1. Can not access FTP
    2. The structure of links in the free blog sites is not configurable
    3. Without adding custom scripts or codes
    4. Ads are displayed when visitors are not logged in. However, you can pay $ 30 per year to remove ads
    5. Additions, plans and updates are costly
    6. No addition of third-party web analytics services
    7. Limited disk space is only 3gig. You will have to pay to update the space if many of your materials are videos or photos
    8. You must pay for domain mappings if you have a domain name
  3. Wix

    Wix- Free Blog SitesThis is another platform for blogging, which offers all the tools you need to run and maintain a free blog sites. Based on its design, Wix offers bloggers, photographers, event organizers and planners, health and wellness sites, fashion and cosmetic websites, musicians and educational institutions.

    Any blog that uses Wix is ​​hosted on its server; Thus, access to the free blog sites is only possible through the Wix administration panel. It is noteworthy that you can manage the content of your free blog sites or website. However, you will be posted on the Wix subdomain site; therefore, your blog URL will read something like “”. You can get your own domain with a premium plan.


    1. Easy to use and configure content
    2. Mobile compatibility and compatibility with various operating systems
    3. Several professional-level templates for use
    4. Rich opportunities for e-commerce sites
    5. A large support community that can provide answers to any questions
    6. Access to hundreds of Wix templates
    7. Customizable layouts and projects
    8. You can add specific applications to your blog
    9. Speed ​​and safety are taken care of by professionals Wix


    1. Wix-branded ads will appear at the bottom and at the top of your free blog sites. To remove ads, you need to go to the bonus plan.
    2. No custom domain name. Only premium users can receive custom domain names
    3. Bad time of work and hosting
    4. No additional features
    5. It’s hard to change your themes
  4. Tumblr

    Tumblr- Free Blog SitesOwner of Oath Inc., Tumblr is a free blogging platform that can used to publish short content. So, if you want to create a blog where you can publish short content, for example, quotes, images and animated GIFs, Tumblr is your best choice. It has a customizable control panel interface that you can use to access the platform and manage your free blog sites. The toolbar serves as the control room where you can post content and comment on the free blog sites.

    If you want seamless integration of your blog with social networking pages. Tumblr is highly recommend, as you can freely share your blog posts on Facebook, Tweeter and other platforms. This platform also facilitates interaction between bloggers, as they can easily follow each other’s free blog sites.

    If you want your content to be confidential, Tumblr allows you to add a password to your free blog sites, and only those who have a password can access it. It also comes with various tags that ensure that users can quickly and easily find any messages they want. It can be used on different operating systems: Windows, Android and iOS.


    1. Easy to set up and use
    2. Large built-in community
    3. Wonderful and aesthetic themes
    4. Hosting and subdomain are provided
    5. Link to Google Analytics to understand the effectiveness of your messages
    6. Self-sufficient; therefore, you can plan when you want your messages to displayed.
    7. Compatible with mobile operating systems


    1. Easy to set up and use
    2. Limited functions
    3. Limited design customization
    4. Not suitable for normal, because only short messages are allow.
    5. Users should depend on Tumblr servers, so any problems with their servers will affect your blog


  5. Weebly

    Weebly- Free Blog SitesWeebly offers tools for creating simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop blogs. Since its inception in 2006, it has provided tremendous features that attracted many users to it. With your Facebook account, Google account or email address, you can easily and quickly register for Weebly and start a free blogging. Download speed is one of the most interesting features of this free blogging platform.

    However, it does not have the advanced functionality that you can find in other free blog sites, such as WordPress. So, others are better than Weebly in this respect. In general, this is a fantastic and functional platform for blogging for anyone who wants to start free blogging.


    1. Easy to use
    2. Amazing themes available
    3. Ideal for e-commerce solutions
    4. Built-in protection and stunning speed
    5. Integration of third-party functions is simple


    1. Bad content management system
    2. You can store only 500 MB and 10 pages of content. To increase storage capacity, you need to buy a paid package.
    3. The cost of paid packages varies from $ 8 to $ 45 per month
    4. The ability to block the platform makes it difficult to migrate content to other platforms for blogging
    5. It works best for creating websites than free blog sites
    6. Without advertising. All ads are added by Weebly.

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After reading the best free blog sites platform that you can use for free, you can start with owning blogs and publishing your content.

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