Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features That You Must Know

Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features That You Must Know

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No one can deny, that Google Chrome is a No. 1 browser in the world of web browsers. Chrome full with great features such as fast Startup, private browsing, phishing or malware filter and much more. It has a lot of hidden features that a normal user not know, so we decide to introduce the hidden features.

Here are some hidden features you didn’t know Google Chrome could do.

  1. Privately Web Browsing /  Incognito mode

It is a best feature of chrome, you can do privately web browsing. When you use google in Incognito mode, it will not save your browsing or search history to your computer. TO get started Incognito mode just press CTRL+SHIFT+N.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Enable Guest Browsing/Add User

If you have a more that one user on chrome and you don’t want to share your activity with others. Just add a new user into your google chrome. Enable guest mode allows others user’s to use your google chrome without stumbling on your private information.

TO add gust user go to Settings > People > and check the box “Enable Guest Browsing” after that click on add person to add shortcut to your desktop.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Bookmarks Your Favorite  Site

Another feature of google chrome, save your favorite or sites that you need to visit in future. In a bookmarks manager, you can categorize your links. To bookmark your current opened site just press CTRL+D.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Chrome Web Store:

I think too many people don’t know about Chrome Web Store. Here I’m giving you a short intro about it.
A great feature of google chrome, It has an own web store where you can find a lot of an app, games, extensions and google chrome themes.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Quick Calculations:

You can do quick Calculations in chrome by simply typing in address bar such as 33+44, 4/3.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Data Sync With Your Google Account:

Singing into google chrome, let you save your all data in your google account such as, history, password, bookmarks and all other saved information. Later, you can synchronize all your data into a new computer by Singing into google chrome.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Task Manager of Google chrome:

Like a Microsoft Windows google chrome also has a task manager feature to close opened apps, extensions and tabs.  To use task manager in google chrome just press SHIFT +ESCGoogle Chrome 15 Hidden Features


  1. Auto-fill Predictions

It is a best feature to save your time, when you fill out web forms, to enable tweak in chrome://flags: then select enable Show Autofill predictions.

  1. Save User and Password

Like other web browser google chrome also has feature to save password with user name to use later.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Chrome Hidden Game:

    Play hidden game when you are going offline, it is a best way to pass your time when you don’t connect with internet. To play this game just press “Upper Arrow Key” when you are going offline.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  2. Print a Web Page

Some time we need to print a web page, but some web browse don’t allow you to print a web page. But google chrome allows you to print web page by pressing CTRL+P.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Quickly Tabs Access:

Chrome has short key to switch between the opened tab.
CTRL+1  = Move on first tab.
 = Move on 2nd tab.
CTRL+3 = Move on 3rd tab.
CTRL+4 = Move on 4th tab.
CTRL+5 = Move on 5th tab.
CTRL+6 = Move on 6th tab.
Press “Tab Button” move on one by one.

  1. Chrome As A Notepad

We can use Chrome as notepad, by placing following code onto address bar and hit enter.
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Chrome As A Photos Editor

Now you don’t need to install a separate photos editor into your computer, simply install photo editing app from Chrome Web Store into your chrome. Setting→Extension→Get more extensions and search Photos Editor.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features

  1. Chrome Video Downloader

Like a photo editor you can also install extension into your chrome to download videos. Simply go to Setting→Extension→Get more extensions.Google Chrome 15 Hidden Features


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