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How To Download Youtube Videos On iPhone /iPad

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In this article I will tell you how to download YouTube Videos On iPhone. With several interesting videos on the YouTube website, it can boast of millions of clicks every day. You may wonder how to upload YouTube videos directly to your iPhone or iPad. So you can watch videos offline. Unfortunately, YouTube was designed only to allow users to watch and view videos on their website or in the application. For audiences, it’s not possible to download Youtube videos to the iPhone / iPad if you did not subscribe to YouTube Red, a subscription service that allows you to save YouTube videos for offline viewing. After reading this article you will learn how to download youtube videos ipad.

outube Videos On iPhoneFortunately, there are some tools for uploading videos to YouTube for the iPhone and iPad. So, now you are going to learn how to download YouTube Videos On iPhone. With these applications, you can download and save your favorite YouTube videos to iPhone and watch them without time and space restrictions.

download YouTube Videos On iPhone for offline viewing is a difficult business. If you do not mind paying, you can subscribe to YouTube Red to watch without advertising and download videos for offline viewing.

But it still requires viewing the video in the YouTube app. What if you want to watch them in your Camera Roll? We’ll show you how, and it does not require jailbreak or anything else shady.

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How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone /iPad:

Unfortunately, iPhone applications that allow you to download YouTube videos directly, will not last long. Fortunately, this is fairly easy with a small workaround.

First, install the Documents By Readdle. This is a file manager with a built-in web browser that allows you to easily upload and transfer videos to YouTube.

Then go to the YouTube video you want to upload. You can use the official YouTube application for this – open the video, click “Share“, then select “Copy link“.

When you have the link, go back to the Documents application. Click the icon in the lower right corner to open the built-in browser. Go to a website where you can upload videos to YouTube, for example, PickVideo.net.

Save video:

Press and hold the Enter key in the Video Link box and select Paste to add a link to the YouTube video. Then click the “Download” button.

Over time, the site will generate links to upload your video. Scroll down (be careful to avoid advertising) until you see “Download a video with an audio header”. Click the “Download” button next to the quality that you want to save.

Then you will see an invitation to save the file. You probably want to change the common name videooplayback.mp4 to a more detailed description. The default save location is fine; click “Done” to save it. You can click the “Downloads” button on the bottom toolbar to check its progress.

Moving Videos:

From here, you just need to move the video to the Camera Roll folder. Click the “Folder” icon in the lower right corner of the application, and then open the “Downloads” folder. Click the “Ellipsis” icon under the downloaded file, then select “Move”.

In the “Repetitions” section you can see the “Photos” folder. If you do, touch it to go directly to that folder. If not, go to “Documents“> “Photos“. In either case, just click “Move to Photo” at the bottom of the screen to move the video.

All is ready! Open the Photos app on your phone and you will see a new video. It will appear next to your latest photos, as well as the “Videos” folder on the “Albums” tab.

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