How To Reset iPhone Quicker And Easy

How To Reset iPhone Quicker And Easy [ Method]

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Today, I will tell you How To Reset iPhone. Erasing your iPhone or iPad and resetting it to the factory settings is a good way to fix problems and is vital if you want to sell or transfer it.

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to reset iPhone or iPad settings to their factory settings. Which is necessary if you need to erase data from the device because you are selling it or passing it to a family member or friend. When selling iPhone or iPad. It is absolutely necessary to delete all confidential data stored on it. If not, an unscrupulous buyer can access your profiles on social networks. Your financial information and even your personal photos and videos. Allowing them to view your personal moments or steal your identity.

How to reset iPhone to a factory can also help solve problems with your iPhone or iPad. If it crumbles or freezes, or suffers from problems that you can not determine. Modern electronic devices can be very complex and from time to time can get a little confused. This is not a guarantee, but you will be surprised how often this works.

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How To Reset iPhone Quicker And Easy How To Reset iPhone To Factory Settings:

Once you are sure that you have created a backup copy of your iPad or iPhone, you are ready to perform a factory reset. This completely destroys your device, so it’s important to make a backup in advance. Now follow these steps to learn how to reset iPhone .How To Reset iPhone

  1. To reboot the iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> General> Reset, then select “Erase all content and settings.”
  2. After entering the password, if you installed it, a window will appear with a warning that you can remove the iPhone (or iPad) in red. Click it.
  3. You will need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action, then the iPad or iPhone wipe everything from its storage and go back to the original setup screen that you saw when you first used the device.
  4. You can also completely reboot the iPhone or iPad via iTunes. When you connect an iOS device, you should see the “Restore iPhone” button, which completely reboots the device.Your iPhone or iPad is now ready to sell.

Delete apps & files free up space

This is a quick method, but if you just want to free up space on your iPhone. Full cleaning is not necessarily the best option. Then we’ll look at a quick way to free up space.How To Reset iPhone

  1. To identify the biggest culprits that occupy your storage space, go to Settings> General>> Store and use iCloud.
  2. In the “STORAGE” section, click “Manage Storage“.
  3. iOS will tell you, first, how much space you use and how much is available. And then list the applications that take up more space.
  4. To remove the application that you have finished, click it in this list, then “Remove Application” and confirm. In addition, on the main screen, you can click and hold any icon, and then click X in the upper left corner of the application to remove the application. (If it does not have X, it can not be deleted.)

Remember that these lists include related documents and files, as well as the application itself, so photos and music are likely to be on top. Instead of deleting an application (which you would not be able to do anyway, with pre-installed Apple applications), you could go to the appropriate application and, for example, delete some old photos or songs.

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