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How To Kill Process of Hanged or Unresponsive Application In Windows

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Oh Shit ….. The Software /Application has been stop working or Hanged, Don’t worry now you have a good method to solve this problem. Sometime we see the application software stop working and we are unable to close these programs and we prompt with the error “Not responding “. Stop, end or Kill process of hanged or unresponsive application with task manager is the best and quick way.

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Here is a best method to Stop, end or kill process of unresponsive or Hanged Application in  windows 7,8 and 10.

  1. First of all, open tack manager to open task manager press Ctrl+Alt+Del  simultaneously, new windows will open, click on task manager. You can also open task manager using alternative method right click on the task bar and then select task manager.
  2. In windows 8,8.1 and 10, click on more details.

    How To Kill Process STEP1
    How To Kill Process
  3. Now select the program or application that’s not working or not responding. In task manager process tab you can also see which application using how much CPU and memory.

    How To Kill Process STEP 2.
    How To Kill Process
  4. Finely, click on End Task

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