How to Make a Wireless Network Secure

How to Make a Wireless Network Secure In 4 Steps

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How to Make a Wireless Network Secure Step By Step Guidelines

This is a  short and easy way to Wireless Network Secure (Wi-Fi). Wi-Fi has made it so easy  to use Internet without cables on your PC, mobile, tablets and other all devices that have a Wi-Fi Option. There are a lot of advantages of Wi-Fi but It has a major issue, If your Wi-Fi  is not set up with secure setting anyone can access your Internet using your Wi-Fi connection.

Here are some disadvantages of unsecured Wi-Fi.

  1. Anyone can connect with your Wireless Network and It will increase your monthly bill.
  2. If you have a small internet package, it will decrease your downloading and browsing speed.
  3. It can also create a security hazard such as, hack your computer and still your personal data from your computer through your own wireless network.
  4.  May be hacker hack other person email & computer, though your unsecured Wi-Fi.

How to login into your Wi-Fi  router

If you have never logged into your Wi-Fi network router, find the router IP Address, username and password from your device box or back of a Wi-Fi  router. Now type, your IP Address into your web browser and after that It will prompt you for your username and password. Type your username, password and press enter. Wi-Fi router setting will open.

How to Make a Wireless Network Secure
Wireless Network Secure(fig 1)


Tip : Common Wi-Fi Router IP Address, username and password.


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 Here are 4 simple step’s to Make Wireless Network Secure (Wi-Fi)

  1. Change Your Wi-Fi Router Default Username and Password
    First of all, change your router default username and password. to change username and password go to your router Access Control setting and enter your new username and password.

    How to Make a Wireless Network Secure
    Make a Wireless Network Secure (fig 2)
  2. Enable MAC Filtering On Your Wireless Network
    MAC Filtering is a easiest way to keep your network secure. Enable a MAC Filtering and give internet access only White-list MAC Addresses. Enter only MAC Address that you want to give access to use your Internet.

    How to Make a Wireless Network Secure
    How to Make a Wireless Network Secure (fig 3)
  3. Enable Encryption Option
    It’s very important to turn on  encryption on your wireless network. It will keep intruders off of the Wi-Fi Network.There are two types of wireless encryption.

    1. WEP- This is a most common type of  Enable Encryption but this is a low security. This type of encryption can be broken by a serious hackers less then 3 minutes. But is a best to keep secure your Wi-Fi Network from neighbors and passerby’s.
    2. WPA2- This is a best type of encryption and also enabled on a newer wireless routers.  It is more secure than WEP. WPA2 is not available on some older Wireless Devices.

      How to Make a Wireless Network Secure
      How to Make a Wireless Network Secure (fig 4)


  4. Disable SSID Broadcasting ( Hide Your SSID)By this option people can or can’t see your Wi-Fi  signal. It will keep your wi-fi invisible from your neighbor. But there is a problem with this system’s, the problem is, It can make setting up your own devices more difficult.

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