Save Facebook Video Into your Computer

Save Facebook Video Into your Computer| 2 Easy Medthod

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This tutorial covers how to save Facebook video into your computer. Here are 2 easiest ways to download Facebook video to your computer. All method are very easy, choose your best method and download your favorite videos from Facebook.

Method No 1 : Save Facebook Video Without Using Any Software.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow you to download these videos are shared or posted by your friend or family member. Here is a best way to save Facebook video in  less than 1 minutes.

  1. Fist of all, logged into your Facebook account and go to the video you want to save.Save Facebook Video
  2. Copy the video link and past into your web browser address bar.Save Facebook Video
  3. Open Facebook as mobile version. To open mobile version Facebook change the URL in Address bar as shown below. Replace “www” with“m”  After changing the URL, the URL will look like this URL…………..Save Facebook Video
  4. Once you have done it, hit enter.
  5. Once the Facebook mobile version open, play the video and right click on video, now click on ” Save video as.Save Facebook Video
  6. Now save your video to your target location.

Method No 2 : Save Facebook Video in Google Chrome With IDM

  1. Download IDM from official website : Click Here.
  2. Now Install Internet Download Manager.
  3. After successfully installed, go to Google Chrome→settings→Extensions→IDM Integration Module and check the box Enable and also check the box  of “Allow in incognito“. Now close the Google Chrome and reopen.Save Facebook Video
  4. Now open Facebook, and find the video you want to download. Play the Video, you will see IDM downloading bar top of the video, click on it to start downloading.Save Facebook Video

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