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How To Secure Facebook Account- XeHelp Security Tips

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How To Secure Facebook Account Step By Step Guideline

Here are some steps you need to do, to keep your Facebook account safe from hacker. Better ways to Secure Facebook Account.

  1. Protect your password by using these security tips:
    • First of all you need to choose a strong password.
    • Use these given character to make your Facebook password strong.
      • Numeric And Alphabetical use both characters.
        Example: A463B
      • Mix your password with upper and lower case alphabetic.
        Example: AvXdxM
      • You password must contain on the combination of symbols, number and letters.
        Example: &*FA$b4[alert-note]Here Are Examples Of the Strong  And Weak Password:
        Strong Password: NaB142&K*%younas
        Weak Password:  Waseem[/alert-note]
  2.  Don’t use your FB  password on any other website account.
    Most of peoples you same password on many online websites, It is a big risk,I suggest you to choose a different password for each account.

    Most Important Security Tip | Secure Facebook Account. 

    [alert-warning]Don’t use the same password for your Email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,.. Etc) and Facebook account. It is a big risk for your both accounts. In this situation If anyone hack your Facebook accounts, it means you are going to lose your control on your both accounts. So, never ever use the same password for both accounts.[/alert-warning]

  3. Don’t use your name, phone number or common words into your password, your password should be different.
  4. Never share your Facebook and email password with anyone.
  5. Always Use Facebook Extra Security Features to secure your account.
    Where You’re Logged In: With this feature you will get all information where from your account Logged In, such as IP, Location, Operating system, web browser, date and time. If you forget to logout your account from any other computer don’t worry, just go to your account Settings→Security→Where You’re Logged In and click on End Activity

    Secure Facebook Account
    Where You’re Logged In-Secure Facebook Account


    Facebook App Passwords: You can use this password to login into another app such as Xbox, Spotify, Skype and etc. I suggest you to generate app passwords to keep your account secure. Go to Settings→Security→App Passwords and click on “Generate app passwords”.

    Secure Facebook Account
    Facebook App Passwords-Secure Facebook Account

    Trusted Contacts: Trusted Contacts security is a better solution to unlock your account after getting blocked. In this security, select your 3-5 Trusted Contacts, next time when you block, then call your trusted contacts to get the one time security codes.  To set up trusted contacts into your account, go to Settings→SecurityYour Trusted Contacts and add your 3 or 5 trusted friends.

    Secure Facebook Account
    Trusted Contacts-Secure Facebook Account

    Mobile Security: Use this security, when you lost your mobile phone. To log out your Facebook account from your mobile device got to Settings→Mobile→ Lost your phone? and then click “Log Out on Phone”.

    Secure Facebook Account
    Mobile Security-Secure Facebook Account

    Login Approvals Code:
    It is 2-step verification, Facebook sends you OTP (One time Password)  on your phone number each time, when you login from the new computer, web browser or mobile phone. You can also print your OTP in advance. To set-up this feature go to Settings→Security→Login Approvals and add your phone number or print your OTP in advance.

    Secure Facebook Account
    Login Approvals Code-Secure Facebook Account

    Login Notifications:
    If you turn on this feature, Facebook send you login alerts on your mobile, when someone tries logging into your Facebook account. To turn on this feature go to Settings→Security→Login Alerts  and add your phone number or email address and click on Save Changes.

    Secure Facebook Account
    Login Notifications: -Secure Facebook Account

  6. Secure Your Email: To secure your email accounts, use strong passwords for your emails and use 2-step verification. And also set up your security questions.
  7. Install anti-virus software: I recommend you to install anti-virus software on your computer. It is a best way to protect your Facebook and all other personal data.

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