Slow Internet Speed Now Fixed

Slow Internet Speed Now Fixed – Quick And Easy Ways

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Slow Internet Speed: Due to different computer interface and operating systems among other differences, this part will only disclose a general approach to solving this problem. And, while other factors may slow down your Internet, it is always advisable to confirm the strength of your Internet connection or signal before troubleshooting. Below are some way to troubleshoot slow internet speed.

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Troubleshooting For Slow Internet Speed

  1. Troubleshooting your hardware:

    Make sure that you cross-check your modem. The router of other means of communication. Whether they are properly connected. Turned on or working normally.

  2. Reduce unnecessary computer application:

    there are also several computer applications that simultaneously share the Internet with you. Just close them, and if they are not so important, just delete them.

  3. Use a reliable PC cleaner:

    you tend to see a lot of cleaning products that the whole world promises. But you would be surprised that they worsen the speed of the Internet and computer processing even worse. Therefore, do not use any cleaning agent that appears on the network. And for maximum efficiency, go for more reliable and paid.

  4. Stop The Automatic Update:

    When automatic updating is enabled on your computer. This means that your computer will automatically start the background process of searching for available updates. Also continue to download without the user’s additional consent. This sometimes reduces the speed of the Internet; however, disabling it can increase the speed of your internet.

  5. Stop the background application:

    This is very different from removing unused applications. You can always stop these applications from running through the Task Manager, Device Manager or Control Panel, depending on the situation.

  6. Brief firewall shutdown:

    Firewalls act as a protective screen for your computer, and they usually come with antivirus software. But in some cases, they affect the connection to the Internet. However, all you need to do is disable such a firewall for a while, regardless of the antivirus package, and then check for improvements on the Internet.

  7. Reduce the unnecessary add-on from browsers:

    The fact is that you almost do not need a large part of the add-on offered through your browsers or the newly installed application. Take them away, and you will have more chances to enjoy the Internet.

  8. Cleaning the web cache:

    You can go through the control panel of your computer in the browsing history to delete cache files. Likewise, you can also delete the cache via various browsers to speed up your Internet. But the process of doing this differs for computers with different operating system and browsers.

In addition, other ways to correct or increase slow Internet include:

  1. Update Network Drivers
  2. Change Internet bandwidth settings
  3. Reduce the application that you run at the same time.

Disable images or the visual effect of your browser (only if it is not necessary at the time). Using the “Shut down” or “Restarting” option on your computer can also stop everything that can slow down the speed of your Internet traffic. But in a situation where you do not know what to do or how to maneuver yourself through all of the above options, kindly ask for the help of a more knowledgeable person to help. So, these are method to speed up your slow Internet speed.

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