Top 10 Most Popular & Best Search Engines By Ranking

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10 Best Search Engines List | Search Engines are an easy way to achieve your goal. Today a big majority depends on search engines to find their required date. It should be, because search engines is an easy way to find related queries. In the past, when search engines were not introduced, it a is very difficult to find related queries or website on the internet world. But today’s search engines change the internet world and make it easy and quick.

It is a nice question, What Are the Best Search Engines?

Answer: Best search engines must deliver below given three key features.

  1. Queries related results in minimum time frame.
  2. Good and easy interface
  3. User-friendly with helpful options.

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Here are the top 10 most popular & best search engines List

  1. Google.ComBest Search Engines

    Google is a world No.1 search engine and also it is a king of search engines. 65.2% people’s use google to search their queries. Put your queries and get million’s of search results in less than 1 second. You can search web pages, videos, images, books, music, information, technology  and much more.
    Google Search engine Founded: September 4, 1998

  2. Bing.comBest Search Engines 2.

    Bing is a Microsoft’s search engine, also world second biggest search engine. It has a searches 8.2 % share in the world. Features web, video, image,  news, local, and also product search.

  3. Yahoo.ComBest Search Engines 3.

    Yahoo holds third place in the search market, but now Yahoo search is powered by Bing search engine. Yahoo is the most popular email provider.


    Best Search Engines
    Best Search Engines 4.

    Baidu is on number 4, It is also a big search engine, but Baidu leads Chinese language. Has a strong grip on Chinese language &  also multi-media content such as music, movies, and etc.


    Best Search Engines 5
    Best Search Engines 5 was founded in mid of 1995 and now on number 5th, it is a question and answers community. Put your question & get answers. It has a 3% of the search share in the search market.


    Best Search Engines 6.
    Best Search Engines 6

    AOL is another search engine, still in the top 10 search engines list with a low market share 0.6%. AOL also provides email addresses. Founded on May 24, 1985. Includes many popular sites such as, & many others.


    Best Search
    Best Search Engines 7.

    Duckduckgo is another known search engine. Much different from other all search engines, very strict in users’ privacy, hide private information from search result.


    Best Search Engines 8.
    Best Search Engines 8.

    Yandex is also another search engine. It is a Russian search engine, similar products &  services as Google. Yandex is a popular  search engine in Russia. Show result with your brand favicons.


    Best Search Engines 9.
    Best Search Engines 9.

    Archive is a world first search engine. It is  nonprofit organization also known as WayBackMachine. It has a special collection such as audio, video, and much more.


    Best Search Engines 10.
    Best Search Engines 10.

    It is specially designed to finds people’s name, phone number and address from social platforms.

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