Unzip Files On Android

How To Unzip Files On Android – A Quick Method

In this article I will show you how to unzip files on Android, this is a best and quick method. I request you to try this method, you will enjoy with this method.

Due to the fact that smart phones are getting smarter and smarter every day, reminiscent of personal computers in terms of memory functions and usage, there is an absolute need to have an application that can easily compress any large file or full folder into a smaller file called a .zip file, it’s better and easier to send and receive smaller files or folders instead of a larger file.

In our laptops and PCs, we are all used to winrar, which does most of the work, but you can do the same with this Androzip file manager from your Android device, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone. With this trick you will learn how to unzip files on Android.

How To Unzip Files On Android - A Quick MethodZip2. Thus, it allows you to compress and unpack files from your Android device. Along with these options Androzip also allows you to send an e-mail a specific file or folder directly from the application, and also allows you to move, copy and delete files and folders. Androzip also acts as a protector for applications in the background where you can select and kill applications running in the background. File Manager helps you to copy, unpack / unpack, archive, compress, organize and delete files and folders on your device, and also accepts formats such as Zip, Rar, Tar, GZip, B.

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So, How to install and use Androzip File Manager on your Android device:

  1. Androzip is a free application that you can download and install directly from Google Play.
  2. Open the Google Play Android app – https://play.google.com/store/apps
  3. Enter the appropriate “application name” “Androzip File Manager” in the search bar, which you can see right to the Google Play logo.
  4. You can see a list of applications that are similar to the name of the application we entered in the search, but the application you need to install is the first search result.
  5. Go to – Androzip
  6. After the application page opens, we will see the logo in which the “Install” button is located.
  7. After downloading the application is automatically installed and the icon is displayed in the icon list.
  8. Click the icon that launches the application, and you can directly use the functions

You can see all the files on your device when you start the application, as shown in the image below. Since you have downloaded this application for two main functions.

  1. To Unzip Files On Android or decompress compressed files
  2. For compression and zip files and folders

How To Unzip Files On Android using Androzip:

  1. Open the folder that contains the compressed file that belongs to the above formats.
  2. A compressed file can be seen with an application icon, as shown in the image below.
  3. Click on the zip file that opens a new pop-up window. As shown in the image below, in which you will find the “Extract file here” option (allows you to save the extracted files in the same folder). “Extract” (allows you to save uncompressed files in your desired folder folder). View archive, Send and Cancel.
  4. When you click on “Extract files” unpack files. or Unzip Files On Android.
    Now, if you want to compress files into any of the above formats, you need to press and hold the folder or file that you want to compress to display a pop-up window with the following settings. Create Zip (allows you to compress the files in the desired format), Properties, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move, Undo.
  5. The zip file will be saved in the same folder along with the source file. So, this is a best method to Unzip Files On Android.
    If you want to compress several files at once. You have an icon named “Multi” in the upper list of icons. Which when clicked will show you the following options. Multiple zip, multiple encrypted ZIP, multiple deletion, multiple migration, multiple copying. Here we see that this application also allows you to move, copy and delete files and folders.
  6. When you click the CPU icon next to the Multi icon. You can see that this application now adds a new role. Allowing you to kill applications running in the background to speed up your Android device. Which is very useful, because we do not need another for this goal. We can see in the image below the parameters listed for destroying applications.

With androzip to unzip files on android, you can use 3 applications in one application.This is a very productive application that is available for free in the Google Play store.

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