How To Update Chrome Browser

How To Update Chrome Browser On PC & Mac

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This guide will help you “how to update chrome browser on mac“.

Chrome automatically updates itself

Finally, The Google Chrome web browser is the first web browser to automatically update. This was a bit of a revolution, because before that it was the user’s responsibility to update his web browser. Due to, this usually means that only the most vigilant and technically savvy users had modern web browsers.

In most cases – in fact, unless you specifically disabled it – Chrome will check for updates every couple of hours and automatically update yourself.

What should I do if Chrome does not auto-update?

If you are told that Chrome is out of date (our homepage will tell you that Chrome is out of date), in most cases you just need to wait a few hours and Chrome will automatically update itself.

If this does not happen, it is possible that:

  1. The firewall on your computer prevents Chrome from checking for updates
  2. Elimination of these problems is beyond the scope of this article; these situations are usually rare.
  3. You (or someone else) set up Chrome for automatic updates
  4. Your employer has blocked Chrome from automatically updating

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How To Update Chrome Browser On mac /PC

This tutorial will show you how to update chrome browser On PC and mac and install them, if they are found.

So, the screenshots below are taken from Mac OS X, but in Windows this process is the same.

Simply opening the “About Chrome” interface is enough to make Chrome check for updates and download them, if any.

  1. Click the “Chrome” menu

    Update Chrome Browser This menu has a lots of options. One of them called “About Google Chrome“.

  2. Click “About Google Chrome

    Update Chrome Browser You’ll taken to the About page for Chrome.

  3. Chrome will automatically check for updates

    Update Chrome Browser So, Chrome tells you “Update Google Chrome …” when checking for a newer version.

  4. If Chrome finds updates, it will automatically download them – Click “Relaunch” to install them

    Update Chrome Browser Finally, Chrome tells you “Update Google Chrome ……..” when it checks for a new version of Chrome (and loads it if it’s found).

  5. When Chrome relaunches, you should be running the latest version

    Update Chrome Browser Now, Chrome tells you that “Google Chrome is updated.”


Congratulations, you are now convinced that your copy of Chrome has been updated.

Under normal circumstances, Chrome will automatically update – So, if for some reason, Chrome has not updated itself, contact your technical support for assistance to update chrome browser.

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