Why is My Internet so Slow

Why is My Internet so Slow? How can I fix it just in 5 Minutes?

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In this article I will give you the answer of your question “Why is My Internet so Slow”. Read the below to get your answer. The first thing to demand, wherever we are, is the Internet, and if the Internet becomes slow, life also slows down. We will discuss 7 reasons why my internet is so slow. If your internet very slow I will recommend you to read this article.

Many reasons can slow down the Internet. We will discuss each of them and give you a way out of how you can speed up your Internet. Here are 7 ways to troubleshoot, determining why is my internet so slow and, perhaps, eliminates the problems associated with slow download speeds.

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Why is My Internet so Slow
7 Reasons Why is My Internet so Slow?

  1. Check Your Speed in Real-Time

    why is my internet so slow or downloading ?

    You may have a plan that offers a low speed. First you need to check the speed of your internet to see if the current speed is right for your plan. Click here to check the speed of the internet.Check Your Speed in Real-Time -why is my internet so slow

    If you subscribed to a packet with a bandwidth of 50 Mbit / s, and the displayed speed is about 30, you guessed right for a slow internet connection or poor internet connection. Continue reading to find the actual cause of the issue, why my internet is so slow.

  2. Is the Router Working Properly?

    How do I know if my router is working?

    First, check all cables if they are connected. Secondly, some lights should be stable, and some should flash quickly, check if they flash, as usual. Finally, routers can overheat, put their hand on them, and if you feel that they are hotter than usual, you may experience a problem.

    Reconnect all cables, restart the router, move it to a cooler location, and if the problem still exists, you may need a new router.Is the Router Working Properly? -why is my internet so slow

  3. Have a Look at Your Router Configuration Settings:

    A broadband router that is responsible for sending signals to your device may have a problem. For example, the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit). Which is the maximum data unit transmitted over the network when it is set to high or low, will cause problems.Have a Look at Your Router Configuration Settings - why is my internet so slow

    How can I check the configuration of the router?

    Enter the router settings and verify that all configurations match the default values ​​specified by the manufacturer. If you make changes yourself, write down the previous values ​​to avoid risk.

  4. Malware/Background apps:

    Are you still wondering why is my internet so slow and does not find the actual reason? If you do not use the latest version of Windows, or you disabled the Windows Defender, or you do not have the latest antivirus, malicious programs can attack you. These malicious programs spread / infect the computer faster than we think and are responsible for the Internet, suddenly slowing down.Malware-Background apps -why is my internet so slow

    Not only malicious applications, such as worms, consume your speed, but also data hangs can be useful applications. Open Task Manager to monitor valuable applications. Install an antivirus to get rid of malware.

  5. Old Hardware:

    Old Hardware -why is my internet so slow The lack of the latest equipment is also one of the reasons why they are not designed for quick launch. They were designed for Internet speeds of that time. This situation is similar to the 2G mobile phones, and at this age the 5G phones fit. So, you are reading article about why is my internet so slow.

  6. Good Connection But a Slow Wifi:Good Connection But a Slow Wifi - why is my internet so slow

    The presence of slow Wi-Fi is possible even with a good connection for several reasons. Check it by connecting the Ethernet cable directly to the computer / laptop, repeat the speed test. If the speed has improved, your Wi-Fi will have problems.

    Decisions, why is my internet so slow all of a sudden?
    This can be an obstacle, for example, walls or any obstacles, where signals can not pass or interfere with other signals (TV / SHF). To counter this, place the router in a suitable place and the antenna in an upright position.

  7. Contact Your ISP:

    If none of them works for you, you need to check the status of your connection by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and asking them: “why is my internet so slow“, as there may be a problem that occurs on the back panel, If no, they will have to visit your home to look at the connection yourself.Contact Your ISP -why is my internet so slow

    Thank you for reading article about why is my internet so slow, keep visiting Xehelp blog to get high quality  articles.

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