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6 Thinks That You Can Do With Youtube Shortcuts Key

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Youtube Shortcuts 6 Main Youtube Shortcuts Key

In this article you will learn about the 6 Youtube Shortcuts Key. This is a very informative information that you can control Youtube with your keyboard Shortcuts Key. You can do many operations with your keyboard using Shortcuts Key.

What you can do by using Youtube Shortcuts Key?

  1. Play & Pause A Video.

    When you are watching a video on Youtube you can play and pause the video with keyboard shortcuts key. In order to play and pause the video just press the “Spacebar” Or “K” key.
    Youtube Shortcuts Key

  2. Jump To start & End Of  Video.

    During watching video on the Youtube, Need to jump to start or end of the video just press the following key from your keyboard.

    • Zero (0) or Home Key = Jump To start
    • End Key= Jump To End
      Youtube Shortcuts Key
  3. Go To The Next Video.

    To play next video you need to press “End” Key.

  4. Skip or Jump in The Video.

    Hold the Ctrl key and then the Right arrow key to skip or forward the video.
    Youtube Shortcuts Key

  5.  Full-Screen Video.

    Like a VLC media play, you can make your Youtube streaming videos Full-Screen with Keyboard Shortcuts Key.  Youtube Shortcuts Key make the Youtube streaming easier.Just press the “F“button to make you Youtube video full screen.
    Tip: Pressing “Esc” to exits form full-screen mode.

    Youtube Shortcuts Key

  6.  Turn Up, Down And  Mute

    You can  turn up, down and also mute the Youtube videos volume with computer Shortcuts Key. Here are some Shortcuts Keys to do the job.
    Turn up = Up  Arrow Key
    Turn Down = Down Arrow Keys
    Mute =  “M“Turn up, Down & Mute The Volume.

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