7 Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Gmail

7 Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Gmail

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Gmail is a thing that is used by almost every person in daily life. Basically business owners use it for their daily meetings and fulfill other tasks. But sometimes it is happened when you send any message or file to someone else, speed becomes very slow. Due to slow speed, sending a message takes to much time that affects on working. If your Gmail works slow, there could be several reasons. Sometimes, your device contains some viruses and other useless files which can make your Gmail slow. Other than that, if you have upgrade your Gmail recently it can be slow because of update. There are so many people who say that older version were far better than new one. However, older version can also face slow speed problem. Here are 7 tips and tricks to speed up your Gmail for better performance.

7 tips and tricks to Speed up Gmail

  1. Disable G Suite Add-Ons
  2. Clear Cache and Cookies from Browser
  3. Activate Confidential Mode
  4. Add Third-Party Email Accounts
  5. Basic HTML Version
  6. Clean Archive
  7. Deactivate Email Plug-ins and Extensions

1. Disable G Suite Add-Ons – tips and tricks to Speed up Gmail

If you want to improve the speed of your Gmail and for this purpose you are thinking about browser extensions third party features, we have a suggestion for you. Basically, G Suite is working same like browser extensions so you can use it for getting fast speed of your Gmail. In addition, you can use it for so many other useful apps and improves your working speed and performance. Other than that, G Suite Add-ons is a curated marketplace basically. You can use it for different Google apps according to your choice and need. Also, it works for Gmail, Calendar and other Google apps so it can be very useful and beneficial for you if you are a business owner or working in a firm. As well as, you can use it for your personal purposes without any problem. You can also read How To set up 2 Step Verification To Secure Your Gmail.

  • First of all, go to the Gmail and then press on the Settings option.
  • There, you have to press on the Add-ons option (option could be Get Add-one also).
  • Then a list of available things will appears on your screen.
  • After that, press on the three stacked lines button which will be given at the right side of the screen.
  • Then press on the Manage Add-ons button for control your settings.
  • There you can remove unnecessary things and change the settings as you want.

2. Clear Cache and Cookies from Browser

When you device contains cache and cookies, it affect everything in browser. In addition, these cache and cookies take so much space in a browser and your Gmail speed get slow automatically. Other than that, a cache makes entire functioning of your computer extremely slow. Because, in every device and browser a limited memory and storage available. When too much cache and cookies collects in a browser, shorten of storage happens. So you have to clear all kind of cache and cookies to boost up the speed of your Gmail account. Through clear this cache, your browser will get free memory so you can save and share files and messages without buffering. Also, when your device and browser will be safe from cookies and cache it will enhance the performance of your work.

3. Activate Confidential Mode

There is a mode available in Gmail app that provides you great control on your browser. This mode is called Confidential Mode. Due to this confidential mode, it is one of the 7 best tips and tricks to speed up Gmail. For boost up the speed of Gmail app you must have to activate confidential mode. Once this mode get activated, the problem of your slow Gmail app will definitely solve. Other than that, this excellent mode offers you control on your different activities. You can see the information of email account that how much messages send and receive from your browser. Moreover, you can deactivate this confidential mode according to your needs.

4. Add Third-Party Email Accounts

Google is a thing where you can do everything according to your choice. If you are a person who loves Gmail interface but you don’t want to leave you different social media accounts from your email address, it is possible. When you use Google, you can insert third party email account in your Gmail mobile account without any hassle or difficult steps. Basically third party email accounts offers you amazing features for improve your performance. You will also get tabbed inbox for these email accounts as well as spam filters. However, if you add third party email accounts in your Gmail app you have to create a Gmail account at first. Because Gmail account works on any other device if you create it first at your smart-phone. May you like to read Change Gmail Password With Screenshot.

  • Create Gmail account at first.
  • Then make a set up on mobile and go to the Avatar section and press on Add Another Account.
  • After that, navigate to the Avatar option and press on Manage Account.
  • Through Manage Account option, you can delete or deactivate your account whenever you want.

5. Basic HTML Version – tips and tricks to Speed up Gmail

The basic HTML version can solve you so many problems. When you use it in Gmail account, the issue of slow speed can be resolve easily. When you install Gmail in your device and you open it, you can see a M shows at the display screen of your device. This is the logo of Gmail as everyone knows. When this M appears at screen there is a text of small sized line also appears with it. There is a link attached with this line and the link says Load Basic HTML Version basically. This version is capable to lock all dynamic scripts, bells and whistles which is quite bad thing. When you use normal version of Gmail you can use every feature of Gmail without any problem. For using normal version, you have to press on the yellow banner and just press on normal version.

6. Clean Archive – tips and tricks to Speed up Gmail

If you regularly clean archive from your device, the performance of device remains excellent forever. But other than that, if you don’t clear archive from your browser you can face so many problem. Slow speed of Gmail is one of those problems. However, due to so many megabytes your browser can be slows down while receiving or sharing messages. In addition, because of archive you can face buffering and speed issues which can be affect for your business or other office work. Therefore, cleaning of archive at the appropriate time the speed of Gmail can be improves and boost up greatly.

7. Deactivate Email Plug-ins and Extensions

If you are using extensions and different plug-ins with your browser, it can cause slow speed. When you buy extensions and plug-ins for your device, these things should be compatible with your device for sure. Otherwise, they can slow down the speed of Gmail and you will face problem of sharing and saving messages and files. If is true that different plug-ins and extensions provide great support for improve performance and speed in so many things. But, these extensions and plug-ins also take so much extra time for sending and receiving files. When you deactivate email plug-ins and extension you will see the improvement in speed automatically. However, if you don’t want to deactivate these extensions and plug-ins from your browser use email focused extensions to avoid any problem or issue.

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